How boulder problems are born

Before you can top that problem, before it can appear on the guidebook, before anybody can make the first ascent, someone has to take the time to “open” the problem. Featuring Tonde Katiyo* and Travis Kemp, this video shows part of that process, too often taken for granted by most of us.

Spot the boulder, create a good landing area, clean all the dirt, make sure the holds are solid… opening a new boulder problem takes time and effort. Yet most climbers are oblivious of how bouldering areas are developed, we just buy the guidebook and take it from there.

Let this short clip be a modest “thank you” letter to all of those who devote their time opening problems for the rest of us to enjoy.

*Katiyo is one of the most acknowledged route setters in the international competition scene, having set in IFSC World Cups and coached some of the best comp boulderers out there.

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