Hueco Rock Rodeo 2016 – Sendfest in Texas

The 23rd edition of the Hueco Rock Rodeo gathered more than a hundred climbers, a bunch of World-Class boulderers included. Alex Puccio and Jakob Schubert won the open competition ahead of Jule Wurm, Jan Hojer, Akiyo Noguchi and Sam Davis.

Women’s Open
1) Alex Puccio – 6510 pts.
2) Jule Wurm – 5005 pts.
3) Akiyo Noguchi – 3160 pts.

Men’s Open
1) Jakob Schubert – 7710 pts.
2) Jan Hojer – 7290 pts
3) Sam Davis – 6960 pts.

You can check out the results here.

Una foto publicada por Alex Puccio (@alex_puccio89) el

The competition format in the Rock Rodeo is pretty simple, you spend the day climbing and recording your ascents and your are given points based on the top 6 problems you topped during the day (harder problem = more points).

The highlight of the day was Schubert‘s ascent of Desperanza (V14/15 | 8B+/C), one of the hardest roof problems on the planet.

Competition aside, the high concentration of top-tier climbers brought many hard ascents in the days leading to and following the rodeo.

Alex Puccio managed to climb 3 V13 | 8B (Nagual, Slashface and Crown of Aragorn). Jule Wurm‘s visit was pretty successful too, climbing Rumble in the Jungle and Phantomb Limb (both V12 | 8A+), and Jan Hojer was very close to flashing Nagual (he fell on the last move when a hold broke), and sent Flamignon V13, The Machinist V13 and Thrilla Manilla (all V13 | 8B).

Una foto publicada por Jan Hojer (@janhojer) el

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