Hukkataival repeats two of Squamish’s hardest problems

Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival has been bouldering in Squamish (British Columbia, Canada) and he has pulled off the first repetition of The Singularity, a very hard line that stood unrepeated for more than a decade. Here it is, on video, along with an ascent of The Reckoning V14 | 8B+, another of Squamish’s hardest boulders.

Climbing something you've been hearing about for years always makes it more special

The Singularity was opened by Tim Clifford in the spring of 2007. Hukkataival started the line a bit lower, calling it “the more obvious start to the boulder“.

Regarding the grade, Hukkataival goes back and forth between V14 and V15 (8B+ or 8C). “The fact that it’s fended off the efforts of a list of V15 climbers for over a decade must mean something. Does that suggest V15? Or make it a V14 that’s just really hard to do? Is there a difference between those two?” he wrote on Instagram.

During his visit, Hukkataival also flashed The Shelter V13 | 8B. This is his second V13 | 8B flash (the first one was Crown of Aragorn in 2011).

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