Ignacio Mulero repeats Entropía 8C | V15

Spanish climber Ignacio Mulero has pulled off the third ascent of Nacho Sánchez’ Entropía, which back in 2011 was Spain’s first 8C | V15 proposal.

Una foto publicada por @ignaciomulero el

Entropía is a very overhanging problem that combines technical moves with a very powerful and explosive ending. Sánchez did the first ascent in 2011 and it remained unrepeated until 2014 when Beto Rocasolano managed to top it.

Mulero is one of Spain’s most versatile climbers, he’s done up to 9a in lead climbing and just a week ago he was climbing very hard slabs in Madrid.

Here’s Sánchez climbing Entropía:

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