Isabelle Faus, first female ascent of Amandla V14

American climber Isabelle Faus has pulled off yet another mind-blowing ascent. A few days ago, in Rocklands, she repeated Fred Nicole’s Amandla, graded V14 | 8B+.

Amandla is a short, fingery problem that climbs an overhanging face with tiny crimps. Nicole climbed it back in 2005, giving it a grade of V15 | 8C. A hold broke after the first ascent, making the problem slightly easier, and it is now considered V14 | 8B+.

Since then it has become one of Rocklands most famous testpieces (partially because of the movie Progression, which features Paul Robinson projecting and climbing it).

Here’s Phillip Schaal climbing Amandla:

Isabelle Faus has been doing really hard ascents over the last two years, including a repetition of the rarely climbed Trice and a couple of V13 | 8B problems. With her repetition of Amandla Faus becomes the fifth woman ever to climb a V14 | 8B+ (after Tomoko Ogawa, Ashima Shiraishi, Shauna Coxsey and Alex Puccio).

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