Jakob Schubert flashes Catalan Witness the Fitness, 8B+ | V14

Austrian star Jakob Schubert has pulled off one of the hardest flashes we’ve seen in a while. During his recent trip to Catalonia, he flashed Chris Sharma’s roof problem Catalan Witness the Fitness, which was originally graded 8C | V15 (but that Schubert considers ‘low 8B+ | V14‘).

'Already thought this boulder would fit me very well (steep climbing on crimps) and I was right.'

Catalan Witness the Fitness was opened by Sharma back in early 2016. Since then the line has been repeated by crushers like Jernej Kruder, Martin Stranik, Alberto Rocasolano, Felipe Camargo or Nacho Sánchez.

Originally graded 8C | V15, Schubert seems to consider the problem more like a 8B+ | V14. ‘This boulder has been called fb 8C in the past but as nice as an 8C flash sounds I can’t agree, guess it is more like low-end 8B+

So far, just 6 climbers, Schubert included, have managed to flash a problem graded 8B+ | V14: Adam Ondra (Gekko assis and Jade), Daniel Woods (Entlinge, which was also graded 8C | V15 initially), Jimmy Webb (Sky and The Globalist), Fred Ned Neehally (Trust Issues) and Liam Vance (Sky).

Super hard flashes are not new to Schubert, who has flashed 5 8B | V13 boulders so far: Nagual, The Riverbed, Wrestling with an alligator, Mooiste meisie and Madiba.

Here’s Martin Stranik climbing Catalan Witness the Fitness:


  1. Angel, are sure about “… which was originally graded 8C | V15”?
    UKC quoted Sharma “I’m not so sure(!!) about the grade but it’s something like an 8B/+ into a 8A+ , so whatever that means ;)”.
    So Sharma never(?) explicitly said it is 8C…

    • AngelPalacio says:

      Well, given that “math” from Sharma, the fact that his official video calls it 8C (https://youtu.be/J8Qgyzg1y4E) and that all the other repeaters called it 8C, I think that “originally graded 8C | V15” is close enough :D

      Probably more precise to say “originally considered 8C”?

      • Maybe just my bad English, but under ‘originally’ I understand ‘by the first repeater’, who (Sharma) AFAIK has never given it a grade (at least not on usual grading scale).
        And I doubt Sharma himself published the video or gave it the title “… 8c” and he did not comment the grade in the video.
        All the other repeaters (except one and now Jakob 8B+ soft) call it 8C soft or 9a or 9a+ (sport).

  2. Hey Angel, you got a name wrong here: It’s not ‘Fred Neehally’ but Ned Feehally.
    Keep up the good work.

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