Jakob Schubert’s 2-day rampage in Magic Wood

Austrian climber Jakob Schubert, right after winning the 2014 Overall Lead World Cup title, has paid his first visit to Switzerland’s Magic Wood. Despite having focused on lead all season he has managed to flash another 8B and send, among other things, two 8B+ problems.

Here’s the impressive ticklist he’s shared on his Facebook page:

  • Day 1: La Danse 7C+, Côte… 7C+ flash, Astronautenfieber 8A, Massive Attack 8A/8A+ flash
  • Day 2: Foxy Lady 8A flash, Voigas 8A+, Riverbed 8b flash, From shallow waters to Riverbed 8B+, Mystic Stylez 8B+

His second day in the woods would make a lifetime achievement for most talented climbers, and a unbelievable dream for the rest of us. This year he flashed Nagual 8B (in Hueco Tanks, Texas) at a great cost, he tore a pulley.

Here’s a clip with Jakob sending Mystic Stylez:

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