James Webb repeats Livin’ Large V15 | 8C

American boulderer James Webb has added another impressive ascent to his climbing résumé: Nalle Hukkataival’s Livin’ Large. The problem has been unrepeated for about 6 years and is considered one of the most impressive lines in Rocklands.


James Webb on Livin’ Large. Pic by Beau Kahler, from Webb’s Instagram.

Update: Video of the ascent at the end.

Livin’ Large was found by Kevin Jorgeson and Nalle Hukkataival back in 2009. After 12 days of effort Hukkataival did the first ascent, grading it 8C | V15. Footage of the ascent can be found in the movie Core.

The problem features a tall arete (about 9m or 30 feet!) with very small holds. Perfect execution and a cool head are a must, since the climbing is committing and insecure, even as you get high off the deck. Climbers as talented as Adam Ondra have walked away from Livin’ Large with nothing but a sore back.


Kevin Jorgeson trying ‘Proyect real big’ (now Livin’ Large) back in 2009. Pic by Jamie Emerson.

Because of his unique combination of aesthetics, insecure moves, and size, Livin’ Large is considered as one of the best and most difficult boulder problems on the planet. Congratulations to Webb on this impressive ascent.

Video of the ascent:

Un vídeo publicado por @syknar el

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