James Webb, The Understanding in a day

Somehow today I managed a one day ascent of literally the BEST boulder I have ever climbed.. The Understanding, 8C in Magic Wood. This one is just hands down the sickest line ever. It’s a massive problem that demands so much of you physically and mentally.

American superhero James Webb is on a rampage in Switzerland. He’s sent 17 problems 8B | V13 or harder, including yet another 8B flash and a repetition of The Story of Two Worlds (regarded by many as the standard for 8C |V15). Two days ago he made a 1-session first repetition of The Understanding, an 8C | V15 highball sent in 2013 by Nalle Hukkataival.

This is first time a problem that hard is sent in just one day and has fueled the imagination of many of us. What kind of progress is still possible in bouldering? 8C flash? 9A problems? Guys like Webb make all that seem not only likely but inevitable.

Here’s Hukkataival doing the first ascent:

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