Jan Hojer and Ji Min Jeong win the Spyder Han Gang DWS comp in Korea

The finalists, ready to start

Jan Hojer and Ji Min Jeong won the Spyder Han Gang Climbing Championships, a deep water soloing competition held in Seoul, South Korea. This was the third edition of the event and many international stars were present.

1 – Jan Hojer | Ji Min Jeong
2 – Jernej Kruder | Katja Kadic
3 – Sean McColl | Sol Sa

Like every other deep water soloing (aka. psycobloc) competition, the format was a speed climbing duel, in which the fastest climber to reach the highpoint wins (I’ve yet to see other formats used for DWS, do you know any?).

The list of participants included big names like Jongwon Chon, Jain Kim, Melanie Sandoz, Alex Khazanov or Sean Bailey.

Jan Hojer’s participation meant that he had to skip the German Bouldering Championship, which also took place last weekend. It looks like the decision paid off.

The female final: Katija Kadic vs Ji Min Jeong

Una publicación compartida por Jan Hojer (@janhojer) el

The male final: Jan Hojer vs. Jernej Kruder

Sean McColl vs. Alex Khazanov

And here you have the full replay:

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