Jan Hojer climbing Quoi de Neuf 8C | V15

Impressive video of Jan Hojer’s climbing Quoi de Neuf, a long roof problem in Fontainebleau graded 8C | V15. Rémy Bergasse did the first ascent in 2008 and it was repeated in 2015 by Sébastien Bouin and Alban Levier.

Two years ago I tried it for the first time together with James Webb. We both flashed the second part of the 30move line, which checks in at 8A+/8B by itself and did the first 7C+ish part the same session. But we couldn’t link it that day due to a lack of time and endurance.
I had high hopes, coming off a couple months of lead training this time!
It took me a while to get all the moves wired again but after some time the muscle memory kicked in. I took a long rest, going through the moves over and over again in my head before my first try from the start.
I got through the first part efficiently and felt much better compared to my first session! I tried to stay as calm as possible and somehow kept it together throughout the second part!

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By the way, Jan Hojer won the German Lead Championship two days after sending this problem. Talk about active recovery.

Also, the second part of the problem, graded 8B | V13, was flashed by both Hojer and Jimmy Webb last year.

Rémy Bergasse doing the first ascent of Quoi de Neuf in 2008

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