Jan Hojer getting close on The Big Island sit start

Jan Hojer has spent some time in Fontainbleau trying one of the longest standing projects in the forest, the sit start to The Big Island. A few days ago Hojer published a short video in which he does most of the moves of the traverse into The Big Island and then a couple of moves of the standing start. Looks like he’s really close to sending what surely is one of the hardest problems on the planet.

The sit start adds about 8 moves, traversing from the left into the standing start of The Big Island. Those moves are said to be about 8B+ | V14 on their own, so adding that to an 8C boulder would give us… a very hard line. 8C+ | V16 for sure.

If you pay attention and compare the video with footage of The Big Island (video below) you’ll see that the clip ends with Hojer well into the standing start, about to do the 5th move. Sadly we don’t get to see the start of the line.

Take a look at this two screenshots. One from the sit start video, and the other from Hojer’s ascent of The Big Island. In both Hojer is in the same position. The red line indicates the direction the sit start traverse comes from and where The Big Island goes from there.
jan_hojer_the_big_islan_assis jan_hojer_the_big_islan_8c

And here’s the entire ascent of The Big Island:

And if you don’t know why there’s a “Big” in front of Island, check out this post about the difference between The Island and The Big Island.

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