Janja Garnbret and Jakob Schubert win the combined title

The IFSC Climbing World Championships finished today in Innsbruck with the combined final. The top 6 men and women competed in speed, bouldering and lead. Janja Garnbret and Jakob Schubert won their second title (after Garnbret’s victory in bouldering and Schubert’s victory in lead).

The combined format is a true test of endurance, it was a long round right at the end of a long competition. Some climbers looked tired and their skin was pretty much destroyed.

In the bouldering competition, the style of boulders with a tricky dynamic move followed by straightforward moves to the top continued. All the problems were solved and Garnbret, Schubert and Ondra got 4 tops.

The Combined podium was:
1- Janja Garnbret | Jakob Schubert
2- Sol Sa | Adam Ondra
3- Jessica Pilz | Jan Hojer

You can check the full results here: women & men.

Here you have the replays:

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