Japan dominates the Asian Youth Champs

The Japanese Team keeps breaking records and making jaws drop. Last weekend their youth competitors won 15 medals, including every single gold, in the bouldering categories during the Asian Youth Championships hosted in Singapore.

The Male Junior Podium


Youth A
1- Mao Nakamura | Keita Dohi
2- Karin Kojima | Mizuki Tajima
3- Doyeon Park | Daichi Nakashima

Youth B
1- Futaba Ito | Ryoei Nukui
2- Natsuki Tanii | Rwi Kawamata
3- Ai Mori | Hidemasa Nishida

1- Kokoro Takata | Meichi Narasaki
2- Margarita Agambayeva | Yoshiyuki Ogata
3- Mini Park | Kai Harada

You can check the full results here.
And you can watch the replays here.

Futaba Ito during finals

Note that in 4 of the 6 categories (Male A, Male and Female B and Male Juniors) Japan won every single medal. It looks like we have Japan Team for many years to come. Also, the three medalists om the Male Junior category, have been in senior IFSC Finals.

Meichi Narasaki, Tomoa’s Brother, won the gold medal both in Bouldering and Lead (and he made finals in Vail a month ago).

Yoshiyuki Ogata on M2 during the final

Confused about the categories? Watch this:

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