Japan dominates Youth B and wins 5 medals

The Japanese team has shown an (absolute) impressive dominance of the Youth B category tonight, securing 5 medals, including both golds. Rei Kawamata and Futaba Ito were the winners.

Russian climber Semen Ovchinnikov was the only non-Japanese on the podium, he won the silver medal.

1- Rei Kawamata | Futaba Ito
2- Semen Ovchinnikov | Natsuki Tanii
3- Ryoei Nukui | Saki Kikuchi

Full results: men & women.

Here’s the replay:


  1. Angel, stop being Jens. Absolute domination would have been all 6 medals ;-)

    • AngelPalacio says:

      Alright alright… how about “impressive domination” uh? Can’t argue with that, can you?
      Didn’t they serve you good food in Hachioji? :P

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