Jernej Kruder repeats Catalan Witness the Fitness, 8C | V15

Jernej Kruder seems to be having a ton of fun in Spain. Back in November he pulled off an impressive first repetition of Es Pontas, then climbed a bunch of double-digits in the Canary Islands, won a comp against guys like Ondra, Sharma or Hojer, and now he has repeated Catalan Witness the Fitness.

Kruder on Catalan Witness the Fitness about a month ago.

Catalan Witness the Fitness, first climbed by Chris Sharma over a year ago and graded 8C | V15, has been repeated by Alberto Rocasolano, Felipe Camargo, Nacho Sánchez and Martin Stranik. Kruder first tried it about a month ago, and now he has finished the business. And to prove how much of an all-rounder he is, he climbed a 9a route the day before!

Kruder climbing almost all of Catalan Witness the Fitness.

Since October, Kruder has tasted all kinds of rock and climbing styles in Spain. After Es Pontas, he spent some time bouldering in the volcanic island of Gran Canaria, right by the North-West coast of Africa. There, along with some other strong Slovenian climbers, he made quick work of several hard lines, including “5 boulders between 8a and 8b” in the first 2 days.

Bouldering in Gran Canaria.

The Slovenian crew crushing in Gran Canaria.

After Gran Canaria, Kruder returned to Catalonia to take part in the Bulder Planet Climbing Festival, along with other international stars like Jan Hojer, Chris Sharma, Klemen Becan or Adam Ondra and members of the Spanish National Team like Javi Cano, Pol Roca or Anier Gozalvez. He crushed in the comp and won the event in a superfinal against Ondra. You can check the entire replay here.

Ondra vs. Kruder in the super final of the Bulder Planet Climbing Fesival.

Kruder seems to be in a very sweet moment, only good news when we are less than a month away from the first IFSC Bouldering World Cup of the year. Last season he missed just one semifinal (Munich) out of 8 events and placed 11th in the World Championships in Paris.

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