Jernej Kruder wins the overall in a spectacular semifinal

The good route setting continues in Munich, the semifinal boulders were fun, spectacular and had near perfect difficulty. Japan and Slovenia had done really well and each team has 4 climbers in finals. Jernej Kruder has secured the overall title.

The finalists are:
Yuji Fujiwaki – Fanny Gibert
Yoshiyuki Ogata – Janja Garnbret
Jernej Kruder – Miho Nonaka
Jakob Schubert – Akiyo Noguchi
Mickael Mawem – Katja Kadic
Gregor Vezonik – Ekaterina Kipriianova

Quick thoughts:

  • Since Tomoa Narasaki didn’t make finals and Kruder did, Kruder is mathematically the Overall World Cup Champion. What an incredible story, after so many years competing, something has clicked and Kruder is climbing better than ever. He looks very relaxed and seems to be having a great time. Everyone in the stadium felt really happy for him.
  • First World Cup final for Yuji Fujiwaki, who won the qualis and the semis.
  • Rei Sugimoto has secured the overall bronze. Japan will have 4 overall medals: 1 gold (Noguchi or Nonaka), two silvers (Narasaki and, again, Noguchi or Nonaka) and 1 bronze (Sugimoto).
  • The route setting is so far really good. The problems look hard and spectacular but only one wasn’t climbed (and 3 climbers were pretty close).

You can check the results here: men & women.

And here’s the replay:

The final starts at 6pm (UTC+2). Live at and (for USA viewers)

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