Jessica Pilz and Georg Parma win the Austrian Nationals

Austria celebrated their bouldering nationals last weekend. Jessica Pilz and Georg Parma took the title in an event that illustrates the generational change in the Austrian competition scene.

1- Jessica Pilz | Georg Parma
2- Celina Schoibl | Jakob Schubert
3- Mattea Pötzi | Elias Weiler

Check the full results here

Parma during the final

Pilz climbing during the final

If last year’s champions, Anna Stöhr and Kilian Fischhuber, represented the old (but gold) guard, after this year’s nationals it’s clear that the guard has changed in Austria. 4 of the podium finishers are teenagers and only one climber in the final (Saurwein) was born before the 1990’s.

It is true that neither Stöhr nor Fischhuber tried to defend their title. And I’m sure they would have done very well had they chosen to. But it seems like they’ve decided that they had a good run and now is time to let others occupy the spotlight.

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