Jim Pope and Rachel Carr win the BIFF 2018

The 2018 edition of the Beastmaker International Footless Festival ended in Sheffield with a big show full of stars. Louie Parkinson, Margo Hayes, Jan Hojer, Alex Megos and many others campused around in one of the most spectacular (and probably the silliest) climbing comp ever. Here you have some highlights!

Jan Hojer on a ridiculously hard look problem

The male final on the big hamster-campus-wheel: Alex Megos vs. Jim Pope

The female final: Margo Hayes vs. Rachel Carr

Alexander Lemel testing one of the problems and making it look easy

Highlights from the first comp of the “Tour de BIFF”, in London:

Highlights from the second “Tour de BIFF” stop, Sheffield:

And here you have the entire replay from the big final:


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