Jorg Verhoeven repeats The Wheel of Life

Dutch climber Jorg Verhoeven has repeated what’s probably the most famous line in Australia: The Wheel of Life, a massive linkage of several roof boulder problems in Hollow Mountain Cave in the Grampians.

Una foto publicada por Jon Glassberg (@jonglassberg) el

The Wheel of Life was first climbed by Dai Koyamada in 2004. Fred Nicole had already climbed part of the line, Sleepy Hollow (V12 | 8A+), in 2000.

It took Koyamada several weeks of effort to link the entire line. Since then, 9 other climbers have managed to take down this 60+ move monster: Chris Webb Parsons, Ethan Pringle, James Kassay, Ben Cossey, Dave Graham, Ian Dory, Daniel Woods, Alex Megos and now Verhoeven.

The grade of the WoL is a very complex topic. The length of the line makes it really hard to compare to other boulder problems, so some people have decided to grade it as a route, somewhere in the 8c+-9a+ (.14c-.15a) range.

As a boulder, it is the result of linking at least V8+V12+V13 and, depending on the exit, adding a V9 on top of that.

But the grade math is hard to apply to a line that presents more of an endurance challenge than most boulderers are used to. Koyamada gave it V16 | 8C+, others have considered it V15. Cossey said no more than V14.

Regardless of the grade and the logic you may wanna use to get to it, there’s no doubt that it is one of the hardest lines on the planet, and a very spectacular one.

Watch this video of Kassay’s first ascent of the direct version (with the hard exit) and pay attention to the beta and all the details that he refined in order to save gas and get to the end:

With this ascent, Verhoeven keeps proving how much of an all-terrain he is. He has been at the very top of competitive climbing, winning several medals both in lead and bouldering. He has climbed hard boulders all over the planet, including an 8B | v13 flash and ascents of highballs like Ambrosia (V11 | 8A) and just last year he pulled off the fourth free ascent of The Nose. He even does some alpine climbing now and then.

To know more about the Wheel of Life check out this article from Vertical Life.

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