Kai Harada, Bouldering World Champion

Kai Harada has won the Bouldering World Championship. In a final full of tricky boulders, he was the only one capable of getting 4 tops. Jongwon Chon and Gregor Vezonik completed the podium.

The setting was full of low percentage moves, every problem had at least one, followed by relatively straightforward moves to the top.

Harada kept his cool under pressure better than anyone else in the final. He climbed relaxed and managed to top all the problems in just 7 attempts (Chon, in second place, needed 9 tries to top 3 boulders).

Japan keeps the male championship title, Narasaki has passed the torch to his young (just 19 years old) teammate.

You can check the results here.

And here’s the replay:

The competition continues tomorrow with the combined finals (women at 11am, men at 2.30pm).

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