Kuzan, new V15 | 8C by Toshi Takeuchi

Japanese Boulderer Toshi Takeuchi has finished his project in Mie, Japan, calling it Kuzan and grading it V15 | 8C. The project is an extension of Borsalino, an V14 | 8B+ problem opened by Tatsuya Muraoka and repeated by Takeuchi last year.

“This project start with 7 moves 8b and then, direct into Borsalino‘s crux”
Takeuchi on Instagram

Takeuchi trying the project (now known as Kuzan) and falling on the last move. He had to dry it with 5 boxes of tissues.

Takeuchi is one of Japan’s many outdoor crushers, his resume of hard ascents is quite impressive. At the end of last year, in Toyota, Japan, Takeuchi finished another very hard project of his, Babylon, describing it has his hardest climb ever and grading it V15 | 8C. Outside of Japan he has also climbed Spray of Light (Rocklands) and Practice of the Wild (Switzerland), both V15 | 8C.

Takeuchi sending Borsalino V14 | 8B+ a year ago.

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