La Sportiva Legends Only 2015 | Preview

The international comps are not over, this Saturday Stockholm will host the last big bouldering of the season: La Sportiva Legends Only. We will be there offering exclusive coverage of the event.

UPDATE: Check out our video-highlights of the event here.

La Sportiva Legends Only is a unique invitational comp: 5 world-class climbers and 5 very hard problems.

The pedigree of the participants is usually top-notch and this year is no exception: Shauna Coxsey, Mélissa Le Nevé, Janja Garnbret, Anna Stöhr and Jule Wurm. Every single one of them has won several IFSC medals and 2 of them have been World and European Champions.

The competition format is very different from normal comps. Climbers get to try the problems in advance. Tomorrow they will have more than two hours to come up with the best possible beta, trying every move and perfecting the sequences. On Saturday, they will get up to 3 tries to climb the problems.

Time to work on the sequences is needed because in this comp the problems are way harder than usual. That’s another unique feature of this event, the route setters will prepare problems so difficult that some climbers may not be able to send them even with the working session.

There will be a livestream (I don’t know yet the address but I will share it on twitter and facebook as soon as possible) and we will be shooting our own video and interviews. Make sure you stay tuned to our social media: facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube.

The coverage of this event is possible thanks to Euro-Holds, the company that makes the holds that will be used in this comp. Big thanks to them for their support.

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