La Sportiva Legends Only 2017 is here!

The 2017 edition of La Sportiva Legends Only takes place tomorrow, at 8 pm, in Stockholm. Petra Klingler, Katja Kadic, Fanny Gibert, Melissa Le Neve, Stasa Gejo and Shauna Coxsey will face 5 very challenging problems in a unique competition format.

UPDATE: Here’s the exact link to watch the comp ->

Legends Only is always one of the most attractive comps of the season. Its unique format allows us to watch climbers at their very limit.

Yesterday the athletes got to try 4 of the 5 problems (the 5th one will be a surprise for Saturday, something new to mix things up a bit) and during the competition, they will have up to 3 tries to solve each of them.

The competition will be offered live at

To get the psyched up here you have some videos that cover the route setting process and the working session:

And, if you still want more, here you have the highlights from the 2015 edition, which was also female-only:

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