La Sportiva Legends Only live tonight!

6 of the best climbers on the planet will compete tonight in Stockholm in the 2018 edition of Las Sportiva Legends Only. The lineup this year is, as expected, epic: Chris Sharma, Rei Sugimoto, Jernej Kruder, Alex Megos, Alexey Rubtsov and Jongwon Chon. The final round, with 5 very hard boulders, will be streamed live at 7 pm (UTC+1).

La Sportiva Legends Only is the most exclusive comp of the season, only 6 climbers get invited and they are always the absolute cream of the crop.

This year’s lineup has enough power to light a small city:

Chris Sharma
Hard to be more of a legend. The Michael Jordan of climbing, the guy who first climbed legendary lines like Es Pontas, Dreamcatcher or First Round First Minute. It’s gonna be interesting to see how this “old school” guy does in this new world of competition bouldering. The fact that the comp is red-point surely will help him.

Rei Sugimoto
A competition beast, he’s been crushing in the world cups for years. This season he ended up in 3rd position in the Overall World Cup.

Jernej Kruder
Probably the best competition boulderer of 2018. Winner of the Overall Bouldering World Cup.

Alex Megos
Strongest guy on the planet? Lately, he has been competing more and more while, of course, still crushing outdoors. He’s won the event before, let’s see how he does this time.

Alexey Rubtsov
Former World Champion, habitual World Cup finalist. Currently ranked 4th of the World.

Jongwon Chon
He won the event in 2016. Two times Overal World Cup Champion. Strong fingers and tons of power.

They all tried the boulders on Thursday, figuring out the sequences for hours. Tonight they will have 3 tries per boulder. This red-point format allows the setters to present lines that would be too hard and complex for a flash competition like a World Cup.

Watch the final live at (7 pm, UTC+1).

Here you have an interview with the route setters:

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