Liam Vance flashes Sky

American climber Liam Vance has pulled off one of the hardest flashes ever by sending Sky on his first try. The problem, located in Rocklands, South Africa, is usually considered V14 | 8B+, but Vance seems to consider it “just” V13 | 8B.

Una publicación compartida de Liam Vance (@liam.vance) el

“Today I had my best day of climbing by flashing Sky (8B), which was the climb I wanted to try the most in the world since I saw video of it 8 or so years ago.”

Sky was first climbed by Daniel Woods in 2007. Jimmy Webb managed to flash it a few years ago and he also graded it V13, although most ascensionists agree on the original V14 grade.

According to his scoreboard, Vance also climbed Derailed (another of Daniel Wood’s first ascents in Rocklands), which he also downgraded considerably (from V14 | 8B+ to V12 | 8A+).

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