Liting Xu climbs Fragile Steps 8B | V13

Singaporean climber Liting Xu is on her second trip to the South African bouldering paradise of Rocklands and she has just climbed her first problem graded 8B | V13, Fragile Steps.

“This year I wanted to experience what it was like to project a boulder and push myself on a much higher grade. I also like steep climbs, so I really liked Fragile Steps when I saw it. I decided to spend time to project it. It took me 4 sessions”

Xu, 29 years old, was second in the 2015 Oceania Bouldering Championships. In Rocklands she has climbed serveral other double-digts like In the Middle of the Ass 8A | V11, Herbie 8A | V11, Caroline and White Mazda Clan, both 7C+ | V10.

Here she is sending The Skink 7B | V7:

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