Live tonight: 2017 Violet Crown, The USA Cup continues

The third stage of the USA Cup will finish tonight at Crux Climbing Center, in Austin, Texas. The final, packed with stars like Alex Puccio, Nathaniel Coleman, Tyler Landman, Brooke Raboutou or Ashima Shiraishi will be streamed live at 8 pm (UTC-6).

After the first two events, Alex Puccio and Nathaniel Coleman lead the ranking, followed by Brooke Raboutou, Austin Geiman, Sierra Blair-Coyle and Carlo Traversi.

You can follow scoring live here.

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Maya Madere during the qualifying round.


  1. This time ‘american style’ of scoring made all the difference: Ashima with 3T4 was behind Alex with 3T7 and Brooke with 2T3 was on 5th place instead of 3rd (even behind Claire with only one top):
    In the last problem all but Alex and Claire failed to stick the first move so they all scored 0 points. I’m not sure I like this kind of scoring…

    • AngelPalacio says:

      To me, it doesn’t make much sense that someone with 2 tops is behind someone with 1 top just because the latter climbed half a problem more. In my book, half a problem is the same as no problem at all. Granted, even in IFSC “half a problem” (a bonus more or less), has some value, but only as a tiebreaker.

      Still, I guess whether or not tops are the most important factor is a matter of taste or personal philosophy.

      But the thing that I dislike the most about this system is having 5 special holds (start, 3 zones and top). This forces route setters to set longer problems with more holds and at least 4 mini-cruxes (to ensure that getting a zone doesn’t guarantee getting the next one). In IFSC format you can set super minimal problems with just 3 holds and just two hard moves ( Those problems wouldn’t work with the American system (this also affects the 11-point system proposed by Jens). (and, in my ideal world, you wouldn’t have any zone holds so problems with just one move would be possible).

      I will make a video about the American system. I think is much better than the previous one and it has clear advantages (the scoring is very simple and easy to understand). But I still prefer the IFSC system.

      Thanks for the comment Bojan!

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