Lots of jumps and big holds in the male qualis | Innsbruck 2018

Dynamic and powerful boulders for the men. Jernej Kruder and Tomoa Narasaki lead the board after a qualifying round full of jumps and big holds. The difficulty level was almost perfect (but uneven between the groups).

Full results here.

Quick thoughts:

  • All the problems were topped and 8 (out of 10) were flashed.
  • Depending on the beta and what you consider a jump/dyno, all the problems in Group A had one.
  • Group A was clearly easier than B (in B two climbers made top 10 with 1 top, in A climbers with 3 tops didn’t).
  • First senior semifinal for Nimrod Marcus and Florian Klingler.
  • For a while, Jakob Schubert was out of semis, 11th of his group. Until Vadim Timonov was stripped of his zone on M2, after an appeal, and Schubert climbed to the 10th position. You can see Timonov’s attempts on M2 at the 4:18:45 mark of the livestream. Personally, I don’t think he controlled the zone.

Via Benjamin Egelhofer, here’s Ondra flashing the first problem (and celebrating as if it was the championship title):

You can watch his attempts on the other 4 problems: M2, M3, M4 and M5.

Update: Here you have some highlights from the IFSC:

And here’s the full replay:

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