Lots of news to catch up with! OnBouldering Digest 24/05/2017

A lot has happened since the last Digest! Let’s play catch up with the latest bouldering news!

Links and videos:

* To know more about the IFSC Bouldering World Cups, visit our compilation page with all the posts related to those events.

* No Foot Contest

* Tuck Fest Depp Water Solo

* Come and Send It

* Swedish Championships
Podium (thanks to Carlos Cabrera for the translation services ;)
1- Katrin Amann | Hannes Puman
2- Kajsa Rosén | Kristoffer Lindbäck
3- Stella Plantin | Henrik Sennelöv

* Melloblocco and Italian Championships 2017
Recap about the event

* List of all the 8B | V13 flashes by Jimmy Webb (and many others)

* Luis Gerhardt sending Jour de Chasse

* Bordello and Serenation by Mike Adams

* Dave MacLeod’s post about

* Guardian of the Galaxy, 8B+ | V14 by Christoph Rauch

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