Lots of tops and lots of heartbreaks in the male semifinal

Today the men faced much easier problems than those set for the women. 4 tops have been required to make finals and many favorites failed the test: Adam Ondra, Tomoa Narasaki and Jernej Kruder are out.

The finalists are:
1- Kokoro Fujii
2- Jongwon Chon
3- Gregor Vezonik
4- Kai Harada
5- Keita Watabe
6- Nathan Phillips

You can check the results here.

Quick thoughts:

  • First senior final for Nathan Phillips.
  • Adam Ondra didn’t have a good day. He failed on the first problem and that sealed his fate and didn’t help his mental state.
  • Both Narasaki and Kruder were very close to making finals, both fell touching the top that would have put them in the top 6.
  • Great results for Japan, half of the final will be Japanese and Narasaki is in 7th place.
  • Perfect division of the field, the first 6 climbed 4 tops, the rest didn’t.

Here you have Niklas Wiechmann’s analysis of the round:

And here’s the replay:

The final will take place at 7pm (UTC+2). Live at ifsc-climbing.org

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