Lukas Ennemoser and Anna Stöhr win the 2016 Austrian Championships

Austria held its Bouldering Nationals in the city of Graz this weekend. Veterans Lukas Ennemoser and Anna Stöhr won the title ahead of the younger generation represented by Jessica Pilz (19), Georg Parma (18), Fraziska Sterrer (17) and (to a lesser degree) Max Rudigier (22).

(Note that even though they are vetereans in the sense that they have been competing for many many many years, Ennemoser and Stöhr are just 26 and 27 years old).

Katharina Saurwein didn’t compete due to a finger injury she’s nursing (apparently it won’t prevent her from taking part in the World Cups).

Full results here.

Una foto publicada por Austria Cimbing (@austriaclimbing) el

Una foto publicada por Austria Cimbing (@austriaclimbing) el

Un vídeo publicado por Lukas Ennemoser (@lukasennemoser) el


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