Meiringen 2018: Nonaka and Kruder take the gold in a great final

Miho Nonaka and Jernej Kruder have won the first Bouldering World Cup of 2018. Janja Garnbret, Tomoa Narasaki, Akiyo Noguchi and Alexey Rubtsov completed the podium.

Jernej Kruder sticking the quintuple dyno and topping M2

The final had a great combination of “traditional” setting and modern, super dynamic climbing. M2 was truly brilliant, offering several ways of solving the starting sequence, from a quintuple dyno (yep, apparently you can do such a thing) to a very controlled and static solution.

This is, believe it or not, Jernej Kruder’s first gold medal in a World Cup. The last problem for the men was absolutely thrilling. Kruder had to wait and watch Alexey Rubtsov and Tomoa Narasaki climb to know if he would win the event.

The female boulders were much easier, there were plenty of flashes and 3 climbers got 4 tops. Young Austrian Sandra Letter was quite close to the bronze medal but ended up in 4th place.

And meanwhile, Japan has won a medal of each color.

You can check the full results here: men & women.

The event suffered some issues with the clock and the internet connection but
other than that it was a great way to start the season.

Here’s the replay:

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