Meiringen Bouldering World Cup 2017 | Results

Shauna Coxsey and Kokoro Fujii have won the 2017 Meiringen Bouldering World Cup. Outstanding performance by Coxsey, that proves to be more than ready to defend her overall title. An impressive flash of M3 gave Fujii his second gold medal.


The male final was very difficult, especially the first problem, which was perhaps too friction dependant for the warm conditions of the venue and nobody managed to top.

The podium was:
1- Shauna Coxsey | Kokoro Fujii
2- Katharina Saurwein | Alexey Rubtsov
3- Miho Nonaka | Keita Watabe

Full results: men & women.

Here’s the replay:


  1. my 2 thoughts:
    1)the Sugimotos Top of the 4th boulder was just the best moment in male comps that i have seen in a while
    2)maybe casual, but pretty impressive that all the finalists came from Qualification Group 2 (and also the 7th, Gabri)..
    PS.. any news from Alban Levier?

    • Thanks a lot Paulo! Sugimoto’s top of M4 was a great moment, for sure. And I did realize that all the finalist came from group 2, that’s interesting.
      I asked Alban and he told me that he had a small accident, he cut one finger while cooking (that’s bad luck…) and couldn’t compete, but he says he’ll be ready for the next one.

      • Thanks, i Hope to sede Alban in China, such a strong climber!
        I would like to see in an ideal world a 2 groups qualification with all identical boulders, and some or them maybe for the women too
        Keep on the good job

        • 2 groups with identical problems would require a wall built with that purpose in mind. Most walls are not symmetrical and do not have wide enough sections to build two identical problems side by side.

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