Meiringen Bouldering World Cup 2017 | Semifinals

Impressive results for the Japanese in the semifinals. Miho Nonaka and Rei Sugimoto lead the board. Kokoro Fujii and Keita Watabe made finals too. Perfect difficulty level, all the problems were climbed by more than one athlete but all of them were challenging.


The hold selection for the semifinal in Meiringen had a bipolar touch. Either tiny crimps and screw-ons that are hard to see from a distance or massive, slopey holds that are very hard to use (even the ones that look like friendly jugs). Lots of dual texture too.


The finalists are:
1- Rei Sugimoto | Miho Nonaka
2- Alexey Rubtsov | Stasa Gejo
3- David Firnenburng | Shauna Coxsey
4- Jernej Kruder | Janja Garnbret
5- Kokoro Fujii | Petra Klingler
6- Keita Watabe | Katharina Saurwein

Check the results here: men & women.

Quick thoughts (I gotta eat something before the final!):
– 7th places (right out of finals) for Michaela Tracy and Gabriele Moroni.
– Moroni was 7th in Meiringen 2016 too. And in Grindelwald 2014 (the previous World Cup in Switzerland) as well.
– First World Cup final for Keita Watabe, yet another crusher right out of Japan’s crusher factory.
– First final for Jernej Kruder since his silver medal in Munich 2014 (not counting his gold in Arco Rockmasters 2014).
– Rei Sugimoto is back on top after his shoulder surgery last year, he looked in the zone today.
– A third of the finalists are Japanese (half of the male final!).

Finals at 18:30 (CET). Live at

Here’s the semifinals replay:

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