Meiringen Bouldering World Cup 2017 | Preview

The 2016 IFSC Bouldering World Cup is finally here. Meiringen, an alpine town in the middle of Switzerland will host the first event, starting this Friday. It’s time to see all the international stars back on the competition wall.

The event is gonna be massive, almost 200 climbers (including all the favorites to the overall title) from more than 30 countries.

Some of them (Jongwon Chon, Petra Klingler, Jan Hojer, Jernej Kruder…) we’ve seen on the wall recently (the CWIF, Studio Bloc Masters), others like the Japanese (Narasaki, Nonaka, Noguchi, Fujii…) we haven’t seen competing internationally since Adidas Rockstars.

Check the starting list here.

No live stream on youtube
For the first time in many years, the event will not be streamed live on YouTube. In a surprising announcement, the IFSC disclosed their deal with FloCliming to offer the streaming through a paid subscription system. So we will have to sign up with FloClimbing in order to watch.

Route setters
Laurent Laporte will be chief route setter, he will be assisted by Marc Daviet and Marci Wszolek.

Friday 7


Saturday 8

11:00 – Semifinals – (live at

18:30 – Finals – (live at

More info

IFSC website


  1. Fu*k Floclimbing. Thanks for killing access to climbing.

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