Meiringen videos: Male Qualifiers, Daniel Woods and Shauna Coxsey

For those of you that, for some unfathomable reason, are not subscribed to our YouTube channel, here you have some videos from last weekend. Highlights from the male qualifiers (female qualis in the making!) and a couple of interviews, with Daniel Woods and Shauna Coxsey.

The male qualification had some really cool setting, check out every single problem right here:

After that round we got the chance to catch up with Daniel Woods and talk about his plans for the season, the World Cups and his opinion on the live streaming issue:

And, after the female qualifiers, we talked with British superstar Shauna Coxsey about the round, the 2017 season and how is her shoulder doing:


  1. Thanks for the cool videos once again.

    I’m not subscribed to the Youtube channel because I’m subscribed to this site. Being subscribed to both seems pointless because I thought all the Youtube vids are on here anyway.

    • Hey steve, the “unfathomable reason” was just a joke. Obviously, you are more than welcome to follow my content in whichever way you like. Most of the videos are on the blog, but sometimes I simply forget to publish a post along with the video. So it may be a good idea to check the channel now and then just in case. But I really appreciate your comments and insights and I hope to have as a reader for a long time!

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