Michaela Kiersch joins the 8B club with Crown of Aragorn

American climber Michaela Kiersch is on a tear in Hueco Tanks. Over the last few days, she has sent several double-digits (V10 | 7C+ or harder), including her first V13 | 8B, Crown of Aragorn, of which she did the third female ascent (after Ashima Shiraishi and Alex Puccio).

On Crown of Aragorn V13 | 8B.
'I have never been very confident in my bouldering, and this has opened my eyes to so many new possibilities and adventures'

Kiersch, 23 years old, has been competing internationally as part of the USA Team since 2008 when she became North American Youth Champion in lead. She has also been USA Youth Champion both in lead and bouldering.

Outdoors she has climbed routes up to 5.14C | 8C+ (Pure Imagination,
Lucifer and Golden Ticket) and it seems that she can defend herself when it comes to bouldering. Just during this trip to Hueco Tanks she has climbed two V10 | 7C+ (Swiss Crisp Mix and Power of Silence), three V11 | 8A (Diaphanous Sea, which she flashed, Sunshine and Dark Age), two V12 | 8A+
(Barefoot on Sacred Ground and Le ReTour de Goupil) and, of course Crown of Aragorn V13 | 8B.

On Power of Silence V10 | 7C+

On Le ReTour de Goupil V12 | 8A+

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