Miho Nonaka and Jongwon Chon win the China Open

The China Open, an international climbing event organized by the Chinese Mountaineering Asociation along with the IFSC, took place last week in Guangzhou, China. The competition was broadcasted live on National TV (sadly just in China and not online for the rest of us) and had many international stars competing.

The female bouldering podium

The event had competitions of the 3 IFSC Disciplines. They followed a format almost identical to that of IFSC World Cups, except that some climbers got direct access to the semifinals. Another difference was the impressive prize purse, each gold medalists won 10000€, almost 3 times the first prize of an IFSC World Cup.

Looks like money was no issue for the organizers, who provided free accommodation for the athletes and hired IFSC setters and officials to make the event as close to a World Cup as possible.

In the bouldering event, the winners were Miho Nonaka and Jongwon Chon, with Janja Garnbret, Alexey Rubtsov, Jain Kim and Yoshiyuki Ogata completing the podium.

Full results: men & women.

More info at the IFSC Website.

Yoshiyuki Ogata, bronze medalist

Janja Garnbret in action

Miho Nonaka during finals


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