Nalle Hukkataival sends the Lappnor project, “Burden of Dreams”, world’s first V17

Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival has climbed his longest and hardest boulder to date, the infamous Lappnor Project, calling it Burden of Dreams and grading it V17 | 9A, which would make it the hardest problem ever climbed.

Una foto publicada por Nalle Hukkataival (@nalle_hukkataival) el

Hukkataival has been projecting the problem for more than 4 years. The line became one of the most famous problems ever even before the first ascent.

“It takes constant effort to keep telling yourself that it’s working when it certainly doesn’t always seem like it.”
Hukkataival on projecting the line year after year.

Located about one hour by car from Helsinki, Burden of Dreams is a short, overhanging and very crimpy problem. Hukkataival, despite being one of the strongest boulderers on the planet, has been trying that handful of moves for years, many times doing betwwen 0 to 3 moves in a row.

The project has been pretty much Hukkataival’s personal endeavor. Almost nobody else has tried it (it’s location and difficulty don’t help). Last year Jimmy Webb and Daniel Woods tried the problem a couple of times, more out of curiosity than as a serious attempt to climb it.

“Having achieved the first ascent of Burden of Dreams marks a new level in my climbing. With a handful of existing 8C+ boulders in the world, proposing 9A is the logical step.”
Hukkataival on the difficulty of Burden of Dreams

Burden of Dreams is the first problem ever graded V17 | 9A. Just a handful of problem have been graded V16 | 8C+ so far: Adam Ondra’s Terranova, Daniel Woods’ The Process, Hypnotized Minds, Creature from the Black Lagoon… others like The Game and Lucid Dreaming were initially graded V16 but have been downgraded.

Regardless of the grade, this is probably the most awaited ascent in bouldering history. Hukkataival has been at the cutting edge of the sport for years and this historical achievement solidifies his status as one of the best boulderers ever.

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