New V15’s by Timonov, Stranik and Quero

Looks like the European Summer is no obstacle for the outdoor crushers. Russian Vadim Timonov, Czech Martin Stranik and Spaniard Cesar Quero have recently established new V15’s | 8C’s in their respective countries.

“It was often seemed impossible to knock into one.
I assume that it’s 8C. It took a lot of time and strength”
Vadim Timonov on Triangular Face

In the Russian area of Triangular Lake, in Svetogorsk, close to the border with Finnland, Vadim Timonov sent his two-year project, calling it Triangular Face. “I assume that it’s 8C” he wrote on Instagram.

In Sloup, Czech Republic, Martin Stranik has opened Sliák Panoramix. It took him 6 days to climb it and he considers it hard 8B+, perhaps 8C.

Finally, in the Spanish granit area of Navalosa, Cesar Quero has done the First Ascent of Parálisis espástica. This is Quero’s second 8C after his repetition of Soyuz low start, in December of last year.

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