Nice and easy: Never Ending Story, 6B


We talk a lot about the really hard problems (V13 flashes, V16 proposals…) but most of us spend our climbing hours facing easier stuff. And that’s the beauty of climbing. There are thousands of “easy” problems that are beautiful, challenging, inspiring and worth climbing regardless of your skill level. This is one of them.

Never Ending Story is a famous slab located in Cresciano, Switzerland and graded  6B/+ (V4).

What makes it a great bouldering problem? First of all it’s fun. That’s quite obvious, just watching videos of people climbing it brings a smile to my face (just look at this guy).

Then we can talk about the aesthetics. It is a an elegant problem. Slabs often require climbers to be elegant. There’s simply no way to power your way through this problem.

Finally, this problem is challenging. The grade may not be that impressive but just doing the first move can take a few tries (or a lot).

And if it is way below your current climbing level you can try to flash it. But even if you’ve flashed it, even if you’ve send it a couple of times, this problem never gets old. You can always try to climb it better, with more finesse, and it will feel great every time.

So may you be a beginner or a pro, if you visit Cresciano make sure you pay a visit to Never Ending Story. The fun is guaranteed.

Oh, and don’t confuse it with the other Never Ending Story, located in Magic Wood (also in Switzerland), which is very different in difficulty (8B+), style and aesthetics.

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