No more livestreaming on YouTube, the IFSC joins FloClimbing

The International Federation of Sport Climbing has just announced a deal with FloClimbing, a subscription-based live streaming website, to offer live coverage of all competitions. For the next 3 years, there will be no free streaming on youtube.


According to the IFSC, “This partnership with FloSports will allow the IFSC to invest more resources than ever before into Sport Climbing. This will result in a more viable economic environment for the events, host countries and athletes. This new deal will also allow the IFSC to create more content, high quality production and more in depth coverage than ever before. This will allow the IFSC to reach a broader audience.

FloClimbing confirmed that the livestream won’t be offered through YoutTube anymore: “All World Cup events will be streamed LIVE on and not on the IFSC YouTube Channel.

FloClimbing was launched last year as part of FloSports, a subscription-based streaming service which includes several sports like wrestling, tennis or swimming. FloClimbing live streamed the last edition of the Dark Horse series.

The monthly subscription to FloClimbing costs 20$, there’s also a year-long subscription that gives access to all FloSports (FloClimbing included) for 150$ a year.


  1. ooohhh bad news..
    Do you know if there will be at least the replays on the youtube channel?

  2. Looking forward to watching future climbing comps live via ;)

  3. Very dissappointing and maybe the death knell for competition climbing. I’m pretty sure most climbers won’t fork out the rip off prices to watch a handful of comps per year.

    Unless someone else offers coverage of the events (OnBouldering perhaps?) competitions will become completely alienated from the rest of the climbing world.

    The announcement seems very late too. I would thought they’d have let competitors and teams know about this a long time in advance so they could decide how much they want to commit to this closed off world.

    • As much as OnBouldering would love to offer video coverage, the IFSC simply does not allow it. I can only record a few minutes during the qualifiers…
      And yes, the announcement is way too late. It caught everyone by surprise and I don’t think sponsors can be happy with this, the exposure is gonna be way less significant.

  4. Hey folks, please sign and share the petition! Seems like the whole community agrees this is a wrong decision.

    • I’ve signed, for sure. Along with more than 12000 people. That’s an impressive amount of signatures for such a small sport!

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