No Surrender – Mina Markovic doesn’t give up

Here’s a short clip of Mina Markovic (SLO) during the 2012 Munich IFSC Bouldering World Cup:

She came out to try the second problem in the semi-final and encountered a dynamic move she couldn’t do. What then? Well, she kept trying with almost no rest in-between attempts until she ran out of time.

She ended up making 10 attemps in 5 minutes. She didn’t do that first move.

I was there recording and it struck me as really inspiring. That’s one of the things that separetes really good climbers from the world-class elite. Mina doesn’t give up, she tries time and again. You won’t hear she saying “I’m a lead climber, I’m not good at dynos” or “This is not my style” or “I won’t try this anymore, people are watching me fail and they will think I’m a bad climber”.

Mina Markovic trying hard!

Mina Markovic doesn’t give up!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that in a competition you should always make attempts without any rest until out run out of time. Choosing your battles is important. But really wanting to win is important too. Trying hard is crucial, and ain’t easy. Next time you are faced with a move you can’t do and that voice in your head begins to give you the list of reasons (excuses) for giving up ask yourself… what would Mina do?

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