Oriane Bertone, 8B | V13 with just 11 years of age

With just 11 years of age, French climber Oriane Bertone has sent Fragile Steps in Rocklands, graded 8B | V13. Only two other climbers, Ashima Shiraishi and Shin Fei, have managed to climb that hard at such a young age.

Last year Bertone won the TNPB (the French Youth Championship) and on rock she has climbed several problems over 7C | V9, including two 8A | V11 during her visit to Rocklands.

Here she is climbing Electric Copper, 8A | V11 and Fragile Steps, 8B | V13:

Fragile Steps is the 8B | V13 problem most climbed by women. 8 female climbers have sent it. The Automator follows with 4 female ascents.

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