Creature from the Black Lagoon, Topaz and Jade: Hard repetitions in Colorado

The alpine bouldering in Colorado has brought us some of the hardest repetitions of the season. Sam Weir, Jimmy Webb and Daisuke Ichimiya have repeated problems up to V16!

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“There will always be uncertainty in bouldering” Jacky Godoffe

Jacky Godoffe is, probably, the most renowned route setter on the planet, he’s set in countless events all over the planet and he was the chief setter for the bouldering discipline during the Youth World Championships in Innsbruck (where he and his team set 120 boulders!). In this interview he talks about his outlook on […]

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A deeper look into Adidas Rockstars with Udo Neumann

Udo Neumann has been offering insightful climbing videos for years, but what he did, along with Liam Lonsdale and Sean McColl, during Adidas Rockstars is truly unique. They did a step-by-step analysis and comparison of several climbers sending different problems. I’ve never seen anything like it and I loved every minute!

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Gabri Moroni closes a great September with an 8C | V15

September has been a great month for Italian climber Gabriele Moroni. He considers it one of his ‘most productive months ever’, having climbed 3 hard lines that would make any climber proud.

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Alex Puccio, Out of Balance | Sunday Sends

Since Alex Puccio seems to be doing super well both in comps and on rock, let’s revisit one of her tops from 2013, a technical problem from the World Cup in Log Dragomer, Slovenia.

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Wovenhand, another Swiss 8B | V13 by Puccio

Two days ago I reviewed Alex Puccio’s impressive climbs in Magic Wood and closed the post pointing out that she still had more than a week left in Switzerland, so more hard ascents wouldn’t come as a surprise. It didn’t take long.

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“Bouldering was always hard” | Rustam Gelmanov interview

Here’s an interview with Russian crusher Rustam Gelmanov. He talks about his plans for the future (which include competing in all 3 IFSC disciplines) and how the sport has changed over the years.

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Roof 8C by Alberto Rocasolano

Spanish climber Alberto Rocasolano has just published a video with some of his latests, and hardests, ascents. He’s been exploring a granite cave near Madrid, in which he has opened some very hard lines, including Trinity, a long roof problem graded 8C | V15.

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Video: Training with Paul Robinson

American boulderer Paul Robinson shares some of his indoor training, focusing mostly on campus exercises. He’s getting ready for his goal for the upcoming season, Bügeleisen sit, V16 | 8C+ V15 | 8C in Austria first climbed by Nalle Hukkataival.

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Alex Puccio keeps sending hard in Switzerland

The Puccio train keeps on rolling. After her victory in Adidas Rockstars, she went back to Magic Wood, Switzerland, where she had already sent New Base Line, her 4th V14 | 8B+ problem. In the last days, she has climbed a couple of V13’s and a V12.

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