Thoughts on La Sportiva Legends Only 2017

The 2017 edition of La Sportiva Legends Only took place last weekend in Stockholm. Shauna Coxsey won the comp and we got to see some spectacular climbing. Here you have some thoughts about the route setting and some technical aspects of the event and the streaming.

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The Spanish Cup finishes at Sharma Climbing, Jonatan Flor and Itziar Zabala claim the title

The fourth and last stage of the Spanish Bouldering Cup took place in Barcelona, at Chris Sharma’s gym, over the weekend. Jonatan Flor and Julia Pinggera won the comp and, on the overall rank, Flor and Itziar Zabala claimed the title.

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Jimmy Webb, PRO Climber | Sunday Sends

To celebrate last night’s edition of La Sportiva Legends Only, we gonna take a look at an ascent from the 2016 edition. Jimmy Webb walked into the venue that day under less than ideal health conditions, but he plowed through it and topped two problems in a display of professionalism and commitment.

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La Sportiva Legends Only 2017 is here!

The 2017 edition of La Sportiva Legends Only takes place tomorrow, at 8 pm, in Stockholm. Petra Klingler, Katja Kadic, Fanny Gibert, Melissa Le Neve, Stasa Gejo and Shauna Coxsey will face 5 very challenging problems in a unique competition format.

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Ryohei Kameyama, yet another crusher from Japan

If you read our latest summary of hard ascents, the name Ryohei Kameyama may have caught your eye. The Japanese sent a bunch of super hard lines in Fontainebleau, but to many of us he’s pretty much an unknown. Relais Vertical has released a video that let us learn a bit more about him.

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Jan Hojer climbing Quoi de Neuf 8C | V15

Impressive video of Jan Hojer’s climbing Quoi de Neuf, a long roof problem in Fontainebleau graded 8C | V15. Rémy Bergasse did the first ascent in 2008 and it was repeated in 2015 by Sébastien Bouin and Alban Levier.

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More videos from the China Open

It’s a pity that we didn’t get to watch the China Open. The problems look quite good (no surprise, the setters were Manu Hassler and Matthias Woitzuck). Here you have a handful of video that trickled through social media.

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“You almost want it to be more special”, Nalle Hukkataival reflects on his ascent of Burden of Dreams V17 | 9A

About a year ago, Finnish athlete Nalle Hukkataival made history by climbing the infamous Lappnor project, calling it Burden of Dreams and grading it 9A | V17, the first ever. A short movie was made of that ascent (and the long process that led to it), and now an interview recorded right after the ascent […]

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Super hard ascents catch-up

The world-wide sendfest continues, climbers are taking full advantage of the cool temperatures and opening and repeating hard stuff all over the place. Let’s catch up with some of it.

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Miho Nonaka and Jongwon Chon win the China Open

The China Open, an international climbing event organized by the Chinese Mountaineering Asociation along with the IFSC, took place last week in Guangzhou, China. The competition was broadcasted live on National TV (sadly just in China and not online for the rest of us) and had many international stars competing.

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