Tamás Zupán opens The Last Jedi, his third 8C | V15

Hungarian climber Tamás Zupán has done the first ascent of a new 8C | V15, The Last Jedi, in an area near Budapest. This is his third ascent of that grade after In Search of Time Lost (Magic Wood, Switzerland) and Zunami (Saalachtal, Austria).

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Jakob Schubert flashes Catalan Witness the Fitness, 8B+ | V14

Austrian star Jakob Schubert has pulled off one of the hardest flashes we’ve seen in a while. During his recent trip to Catalonia, he flashed Chris Sharma’s roof problem Catalan Witness the Fitness, which was originally graded 8C | V15 (but that Schubert considers ‘low 8B+ | V14‘).

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Thomas Farrell, No Hands! | Sunday Sends

This week Aussie climber Thomas Farrell will show us that, in a World Cup, campusing like Woods or squeezing like Hojer is not enough. Because sometimes there’s simply nothing to grab. But that’s when the technique and balance come into play!

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Alexey Rubtsov, Still Rocking | Sunday Sends

Russian crusher Alexey Rubtsov is one of the few “old guard” competitors that have managed to keep up with the new generation. It’s been more than 8 years since he became World Champion and he is still winning medals. Let’s see him in action during the 2017 edition of Adidas Rockstars.

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The Story of Two Worlds by Alex Khazanov

Israeli climber Alex Khazanov has started 2018 climbing the ultra-classic Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano, Switzerland. The line, first climbed by Dave Graham in 2005, has been considered the benchmark for 8C | V15.

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Julija Kruder, A Tricky Dyno | Sunday Sends

In this edition of Sunday Sends we gonna see Julija Kruder, from Slovenia, taking down a very tricky dyno problem during the 2015 Innsbruck European Bouldering Championships.

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German inefficiency: Why Alma Bestvater couldn’t climb in the Nationals

Alma Bestvater is one of the best climbers in Germany. Sadly, a bureaucratic error prevented her from competing in the German Nationals and, while trying to fix the situation, she ended up paying more than 4 thousand euros in legal costs. Here’s the whole story the way I see it.

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Chris Sharma in World Cup!? | Sunday Sends

Chris Sharma is an absolute climbing legends, famous for his cutting-edge first ascents in bouldering, lead and deep water soloing. And although he’s not known for his comp climbing, back in the day he took part in a handful of international competitions. Let’s see him competing in France in 2001, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

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The inspiring story of Thomas Blaabjerg: from two shattered heels to an 8B+

In 2013, Danish climber Thomas Blaabjerg suffered a climbing accident that left him with serious fractures in both heels. To this day, he still needs crutches to make his way to the boulders. But with inspiring determination he has managed to not only get back to climbing but to climb harder than ever before.

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Michaela Kiersch joins the 8B club with Crown of Aragorn

American climber Michaela Kiersch is on a tear in Hueco Tanks. Over the last few days, she has sent several double-digits (V10 | 7C+ or harder), including her first V13 | 8B, Crown of Aragorn, of which she did the third female ascent (after Ashima Shiraishi and Alex Puccio).

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