Papa Oso, Alberto Rocasolano keeps delivering 8C’s

Alberto Rocasolano’s extremely productive year continues as the Spaniard has just climbed the extended version of his line Papa Oso (in Torrelodones, Madrid). Rocasolano opened the line back in 2011, finishing it without topping out the boulder (he didn’t think it was possible). 6 years later he went back and managed to climb the entire line, upgrading it from 8B+ | V14 to 8C | V15.

Rocasolano on Papa Oso 8C | V15

So far, in 2017, Rocasolano has opened and repeated super hard boulders all over Spain (to name a few: Crisis 8C/+, Trinity 8C, El Indomable 8C+ or Kaizen 8C+). In terms of grades, this is by far his most productive season ever (and he still has an entire month of cool temps before 2018 rolls in).

Of course, aside of those super problems, he’s also opening a lot of “easier” (read: not extremly hard but still very hard) lines. Here he is doing the first ascent of Kyros 8B | V13:

And if you are wondering how strong do you need to be to climb those lines… here’s a hint:

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