Paul Robinson, back in Hueco Tanks

Paul Robinson keeps doing his thing, sending hard problems all over the planet and making high-quality videos while he’s at it. Right now he’s back in Hueco Tanks, Texas, exploring an area that has recently reopen to climbing.

The first boulder in the video, New Map of Hell, was first climbed by Fred Nicole more than 20 years ago. That area, The Five Bimbos has been closed since 1999 due to the loss of vegetation and erosion caused by the foot traffic. Since then the vegetation has recovered and last year the area was reopened.

If you plan to climb in the Five Bimbos, make sure you follow the regulations: ““There should be no foot traffic in the meadow around the boulder and entry and exit to the area will be limited to one point on the rocks as indicated on the attached map. Only one tour at a time will be allowed in the area, no matter tour size. This should limit the impact to the area.”

It’s cool to see Hueco tanks park opening up old zones that were once closed. It was awesome to climb on and make an ascent of the now 20+ year old Fred Nicole boulder, 'The New Map of Hell” V12/8A+ the other day!

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