Paul Robinson, Matt Fultz and Daniel Woods climb La Plancha, V14 | 8B+

The latest addition to Colorado’s long list of superhard boulders is La Plancha. Located in The Flatirons, near Boulder, the line was discovered and cleaned by Chad Greedy and Isabelle Faus. Paul Robinson made the first ascent a few days ago, grading it V14 | 8B+. Now Matt Fultz and Daniel Woods have joined the part with the 2nd and 3rd ascents.

It is so rad to see new lines in a state where we already have so many incredible established lines.
Paul Robinson about La Plancha

Matt Fultz and Daniel Woods doing the 2nd and 3rd ascents

The name La Plancha (The Iron, as in the thing you use to iron shirts) is a reference to Bügeleisen (iron in German), which Robinson climbed two months ago and that has the same grade and similar shape.

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